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Bene Banka is a brand created by a loving couple in order to help everyone give their
the senses. Surely many hearts in love visited the idea to give a loved one a kiss
a jar of love confessions? With such a desire began the history of this brand. And the one who does
hands reached the creation of such a jar, as no one else would understand how much effort, time and
inspiration invested in every note.
Bene Banka is a gift for the whole 100 days! Indeed, in every bank - a whole hundred notes. And in
Assortment is not only banks with declarations of love. But jars of inspiration, predictions,
compliments and facts about women, book recommendations, “shusu-musu” for a girlfriend and even
tips on how to become a princess. And this means that one of these jars will definitely make you happy
your husband or wife, girlfriend or colleague, sister or little brother, businessman or hostess ... On
in fact, it is difficult to find a person who will not be pleased with such a gift!
And do not forget about your loved ones, because such a jar can also be presented to yourself so that
Every morning, get a new little note for a cup of coffee, be inspired and positively charged.
Each Bene Banka note is compiled, twisted and tied up with great love, therefore
By giving such a gift, you can be sure that you are giving real feelings!

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