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Janod is a French brand of toys specializing in the manufacture of traditional toys, mainly of wood and cardboard. The company was founded in 1970 and since then it does not betray the three basic principles of its own philosophy:
Design! Toys must have perfect appearance and perfect quality. All Janod toys are made of safe, natural materials. Developers adapt the appearance and functionality of toys for children of a certain age category.
Imagination! Janod sees the toy as a way to penetrate the fantastic world of fantasy. Toys Janod stimulate the imagination of children and allow kids to invent a variety of scenes, interesting stories.
Teaching! Each toy has many developmental functions aimed at improving the diverse skills of children.

The creative process plays an extremely important role for the development of the inner world and the expression of the emotions of the child. From an early childhood, a child can draw pencils, chalk, paints, sculptures from plasticine, make applications from paper, create decorations from beads and much more. Thanks to this, children develop fantasy, imagination, motor skills and become more enthusiastic.
French brand Janod offers kids various sets of creativity: easels for drawing, sets for making bracelets and necklaces, backlit lanterns, leaflets, garlands, and scratch cards.

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