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The German sigikid brand is high quality, natural, unique design and caring for children.

The German brand sigikid creates toys with love for the most important people in the world - our children, because they are our future. Sigikid products have gained world-wide popularity due to its unique design, high quality materials and a special idea for the company.
The history of the development of sigikid dates back to 1856, when the parent company H. Scharrer & Koch GmbH was engaged in the production of beads. With the change of generations, in 1968 the company focused on the production of children's toys and has since been renamed sigikid.
Today sigikid is a leading manufacturer of designer plush toys, dishes, clothes and accessories for children. Happy people who love hugs - that's the main mission of sigikid! According to the philosophy of the company, the happy future of our children depends on the development of positive values ​​in order to prepare them for any challenges.
Sigikid value system
Sigikid creates toys with love and heart "from families for families." For sigikid children - in the first place. From an early age, toys of the German brand encourage children to follow the system of values:

  • be yourself
  • develop the imagination
  • much to do
  • look for inspiration
  • be interested in new ones
  • be active

Plush animals inspire, support and accompany children throughout their lives.
Quality and design
Sigikid products are safe and maintain an active exploitation. Material safety is approved by German quality standards. The toys are easy to care for, they can be washed in a car and dried in a dryer. They will retain their shape, color and unique properties even after frequent washing.
The design of toys is created taking into account the interests of modern toddlers. In their creation, care and love are put into place, because they are created by people with a heart. All toys are fun and each time make a smile on your face.
A variety of soft toys
Among the products of sigikid are toys for children of all ages. The first toys are extremely important, so the developmental products for infants deserve special attention. Minky and bright comforters, rattles, cutters, mobiles - cute animals will definitely like the smallest: they will create an atmosphere of goodness and warmth when the kids are asleep or they know the world.
Organic toys
Eco-toys sigikid are made of natural materials, so they are absolutely safe for the kids. They are suitable for babies, because they are made from organic certified cotton, and the filler is sheep wool.
Papa & me
A unique series of toys for young boys. The collection is distinguished by original toys in the form of construction tools: a fluff hammer, a saw, a wrench ... Be careful! For real men.
For children, a little older, the manufacturer offers classical soft toys of natural colors, which will become the favorite toys for a lifetime. And the series "Patchwork Sweetys" is represented by bright soft animals with amusing design: they are made of various pieces of materials that are harmoniously combined with each other.
Beasts Town Series
Perhaps the brightest series of plush toys .. more precisely, plush personalities. Why so? Every Beast Town animal has its own unique story.
Characters capture unusual design and unique characters. They are as different as people. Toy hooligans live in a big city, which has many locations: a bank, a cafe, a travel agency, a bureau of investigations, a 5-star restaurant, a forest, a shelter, an online store, a subway and more. Each establishment has one or more animals. Everyone will find a character in their hearts, because such toys can safely be given not only to children but also adults.
You can take a teddy bear with you on a journey, for a walk, take a picture and, of course, hug!
Baby accessories
Introduction to school and education in general is a very exciting period in life for every child. Therefore, the German brand sigikid took care of the adaptation of children to school and created bright and practical accessories. Among them: backpacks, lunch boxes, umbrellas, cases for glasses.
All products are practical and functional, and also has a vibrant stylish design that emphasizes the individuality of the students.
The feature of sigikid products is the presence of favorite characters in most batches. This means that your beloved friends from childhood grow up with the baby.
The German sigikid brand is high quality, natural, unique design and caring for children.

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