Every girl dreams to look stylish and attractive. Therefore, every detail of the image is given great attention. However, choosing a stylish outfit and elegant shoes, many women forget about such important accessories as earrings. Earrings can completely change the appearance of the girl. This stylish accessory is designed to be the final touch of the fashion image, add a highlight to it.

Fashion earrings: a wide range of fine jewelry

Earrings jewelery are an ideal solution, both for the everyday image and for the solemn event. After all, their range is wide and varied. They can have different shapes and sizes, complemented by sparkling stones and beautiful crystals.

Earrings can give an image of elegance or pretentiousness. Their assortment today is so great that it is not difficult to find a suitable decoration for any one. They can approach any clothing and complement any image. However, it is very important to select these stylish accessories not only based on the selected outfit, but also considering the shape of the face.

The subtleties of choosing stylish accessories

Before you buy earrings, you need to decide on the models that will best complement your appearance. Girls with a round face shape experts recommend choosing thin or voluminous suspensions. These can be fashionable earrings of geometric shape, including ovals, droplets, rectangles, inverted triangles. Under this type of appearance, stud earrings perfectly fit. But from too massive and round earrings in this case it is better to refuse. After all, such accessories will visually expand the face.
Women who have an oval face can choose for themselves earrings of almost any shape. For example, these may be earrings pouches, which are now at the peak of popularity. Such options are chosen for themselves by many celebrities. The only restriction for girls with an oval face is too long and thin products.

Representatives of the fair sex with a short haircut to the choice of earrings should be approached with special attention. After all, they will create bright accents in the image. Experts advise the girls with a short haircut to choose the round earrings, which will be additionally decorated with sparkling stones or elegant pearls. Girls with a square face shape can visually round it, using long silver earrings in the form of droplets. The big round earrings will look good too.

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