Folding screens

Instead of sliding partitions with a rather complex structure, in some cases much more practical to acquire folding screen. This option is easier, cheaper, more mobile. Comfortable and beautiful decorative partitions in a modern design perfectly cope with the problem of space zoning. They help to isolate the space separating a separate nook for changing the cabinet or arranging a place for recreation companies. Dense partition in room will allow to hide anything from unwanted looks of strangers. Simple mobile designs help to divide the room into small comfort the cabinets.

Practical products are an excellent solution not only for office and residential space. Modern folding screens are suitable for zoning banquet halls in a cafe, restaurants and hotels, are suitable for use in beauty salons, medical and veterinary institutions profile. By design, temporary partition are fairly simple and lightweight, so their installation or permutation requires minimum of time costs.

Popular types of folding screens

Folding screen

Construction consists of a rigid frame and a number of connected on a "bunching" leaflets in height from 1.5 to 1.8 m and a width of 0.4 to 0.6m. Folds in the form of forged or carved lattices, lightweight wooden or glass panels with rich decor, can be made of special thick paper, plexiglass or fabric canvas.

• Single-screen construction

In this case, a large rectangular flap is only one. This option is ideal for the separation of working areas in one room, enclosure space for the inspection of patients in the offices of the medical direction of institutions. You can also buy partition, and the screen to delineate the tables in the cafe.

Stability provides a pair of legs with extended heel or special supports clamp- shaped form, sometimes equipped with wheels.

• Flexible partition

This is an ideal for home to buy screen which is easier and cheaper today in the online store. It is a single wall that consists of rigid tubes or strips mutually bonded flexible materials, so it can be arbitrarily bent. The advantages of this kind may include the following features:

- Does not require pre-assembly;
- can quickly change the planning of any premises;
- When folded takes up little space, so when the temporary lack of demand in the form of a compact roll can be stored in a closet or pantry.

Deciding keep an eye on right product by typing in a search engine the phrase "screen to buy in Ukraine", the competitor will be amazed by the abundance of existing options. In our online shop is easy to find the optimal solution in all respects.