Candle desires execution in a flask...
Candle desires execution in a flask...
Candle desires execution in a flask...

Candle desires execution in a flask "Best friend"

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Do you want your wish to come true? With this candle, you will set a goal and direct yourself in the right direction to achieve it.

Composition: glass flask, cork, jute, candle, sparkles, a drop of magic.

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Is it a holiday - it's just a new year and birthday?.. Who said, as if only one calendar indicates when dreams come true, and the mood to be wonderful?.. And why gifts must come on schedule?.. Destroy stereotypes, debunk old-fashioned myths and organize holidays when we have the time and inspiration!

To give wonderful emotions and memories - choose a "dream candle". It will be a good everyday gift, or a bombastic addition to a big celebration.

First, not only you will rejoice and fall in love with her sparkling and festive mood. Playful lightning, even in a mediocre mood, causes a smile and fills with good forebodings. Unusual design and interesting concept are sure to interest and intrigue the recipient of the gift.

Secondly, the main task of the dream candle: to make a person think and dream, to inspire him! Stop for a moment and understand - what does he / she really want the most? So often everyday life fascinates us so strongly that it is impossible to stop even for a second and think: what is important? .. are my goals really so important? .. and most importantly: how is it most convenient to sit down to lie in the direction of your dreams ?!

When you know what you want, the whole universe begins to help you find the right path.

So don't delay. Give wonderful emotions, make a holiday for loved ones, grab a dream by the tail!

Instructions: Take out a sparkling candle from a flask, light it and make a wish. Imagine as clearly as possible how it comes true: how a dream becomes a reality, what you feel at this moment, your thoughts and emotions ... blow out the fire and hide the candle back into the flask: your request for the fulfillment of the metchta has already been sent to the heavenly office and it remains only to wait for the best moment for everything to happen. Therefore, be patient and more often imagine how your dreams come true!

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