Hangers, key holders

With what begins any residential premises? Of course, with an entrance hall, whose essential attribute is hangers - wooden or wrought-iron, metal forming or plastic shelf with hooks. It all depends on the number of people living in the house and arriving guests, so different hangers can be a lot. Of course, forged hanger totally will not look into a small hallway, a small but elegant «Welcome» will be very useful. Of course, you can just hammer nail into the wall, but that's not an option. It is much nicer to look wall hangers - nice and bright, with no need refresh color, it will remain for a long time.

For children there are plenty of things hangers in our online store, such as «Robot», «UFO» or «Kitty». Kid will be pleased to hang coat on a hook from which cute kitty is smiling. For kitchen there are a lot of excellent comfortable and durable hangers such as «Cook» or «Coffee» for aprons, towels or oven gloves. Agree that it is pleasant to take a tack from bright hook than search for it on the table. After all everything must have its place, and this seems to be optional gizmos saving space in the kitchen and at the same time make it more colorful. In addition, the color of "kitchen boy" you can choose according to your taste, or in accordance with the kitchen interior.

About hangers there should not be argue - a thing necessary, useful and not burdensome. But how many times, coming out of an apartment or house, you suddenly remember: - Where are my keys? And it's not deal in good or bad memory, but in normal situations. In the evening we are scattered due to fatigue, so we put the keys or in your pocket, or bag, or anywhere else. Simply put and forget, and in the morning can not find, nervous, in a hurry, and, as a result, the day develops not too successfully. But there are a great solution of this problem - the key holders, and even multi-colored or such that only a specific key fit.

To all necessary to get used to avoid problems with key holder - get used to stick the key in the "Birdhouse for keys", and never again have to frantically looking for them all over the house. By the way, a house exactly like children. On the key chain is worn with charm - a bird that can also whistle. After coming home a child, "sat" a bird in the house, and the key is not lost among books and toys. Adults are quite happy keychain "plug", "Connection socket" by which in the hallway of the apartment. They opened the door, put a "wall socket", and you can be sure that your key will be "charged" until the morning, and you will not have to remember where you left it. The "Connection socket"! Key holder on site, the key - there, in the house - is order.