The most important ingredient in refreshing drinks and cocktails is ice. With the help of a special form for ice, the usual frozen water turns into a very effective piece used for serving a lot of popular drinks.

Practical and convenient accessory

Juices, lemonades, tonic and mineral waters are consumed by people in plenty during feasts and in everyday life. On a hot day, few will deny themselves the pleasure of adding to the glass with a favorite drink a cooling ice crystal. This small detail can make the taste of any soft drink more bright and fresh.

And in public catering establishments, and in the usual home use, various ice molds are actively used today. If once such accessories were offered only as a supplement to only the fridge purchased, today they can be purchased even in the online store.

A wide range of forms

Previously, water, intended for cooling drinks and cocktails, was frozen in one traditional form. Modern industry offers a large number of various forms for freezing liquid. Perfectly fitting into any parties and holidays, they can be performed in a variety of subjects - floral, animal, marine, children, etc.

A convenient ice tray makes it possible to freeze water without problems, turning it into transparent ice crystals of a simple classic or most original kind. Due to their inexpensive cost, such unique forms are now available to every hostess. They are actively and effectively used in all decent drinking establishments and in places of public catering, in establishments for children's and adult leisure.

Materials for the manufacture of molds for freezing

The very first models were made from food plastic, by means of which it was possible to quickly obtain ice crystals of elongated or regular cubic form. Today, special silicone molds are used, made of comfortable, soft and safe materials for humans.

Benefits of using silicone products:

- in addition to water in such forms, you can freeze juices, coffee, chocolate, prepare jelly desserts and homemade ice cream;
- they are easily and quickly cleaned;
- the contents of the forms are extracted extremely simply, without crumbling or losing their attractive appearance;
- the forms are made of high-quality food silicone, completely safe for everyday use.

Flight of imagination of designers working on coming up with forms for the freezing of silicone ice, in this case in no way limited.