Interior decals, stickers

Using our products, interior stickers, you can emphasize the individuality of each room. Give it a unique, inimitable appearance and originality.

Vinyl stickers are made of durable and quality materials. They are easily glued to various surfaces, and their service life is measured in years. You can place stickers on any surface in your home or cottage. For this task, fit:

  • Walls both glued and painted;
  • Windows and mirrors;
  • Wood surfaces, doors, wardrobe, tables;
  • Tile;
  • Molded and plastic surfaces.

Also you can place labels on the electronics and home appliances, as well as on the vehicle. Just imagine how many there are different options not only give your favorite things personality, but also to protect their surfaces from damage or disguise the existing shortcomings.

Vinyl wall decals will not only give a personal view of the room, but also successfully cope with these tasks:

  • Stickers on wall with vertical objects visually increase the ceiling height;
  • Using larger objects, is achieved by increasing the visual space;
  • Small flaws surfaces, stains, scratches and chips can be masked, using small adhesive elements.

Stickers on wallpaper is well kept on the surface, regardless of whether they are painted or papered. Color solution chosen at your discretion. Sticker - is a fashionable and original solutions for all types of premises:

  • Will accentuate design solution in the living room, make it original;
  • Add warmth and comfort in the bedroom;
  • Help to create a magical atmosphere in the nursery;
  • Will delight guests  in the corridor;
  • Beautify the bathroom and WC;
  • Make the kitchen unforgettable.

Decal on walls will be relevant in the cafe, showroom, office, art studio, a shop, school and kindergarten. They will complete the image of the room and create a memorable interior. Easy to use stickers design allows to make use them to anyone who have such desire. This is a very exciting and creative process.

Explore the assortment of our store and contact us. We can help you with a choice, if you have not decided yet, or will tell all about your chosen sticker, its possible colors, the method and timing of delivery and possible payment methods.

Buy decals convenient and easy, no matter where you are located in Ukraine. Using the capabilities of different delivery services, quick and not expensive you will receive your item in the department, which will choose by your own.