Magnetic boards, fridge magnets

For all those who are very fond of attaching magnets on the fridge, we have prepared a selection of the most lovely, funny, original and even unexpected magnets. And for those who are looking for non-standard solutions for the interior, we will gladly offer you to buy a drawing board - you and your children will create small pieces or markers.

But about everything in order!

• Fridge magnet

This is a very popular way to make the kitchen environment brighter and more comfortable. Most often to a refrigerator or an extract magnetize magnets from travel and trips. Agree, you will not be surprised by souvenirs. But which of your friends did you see on the refrigerator funny buttons, pretty rhinestones or colored pills? Perhaps no one? Then do not waste time - make an order to surprise your guests or present a charming present to your friends. After all, it is quite inexpensive!

• magnetic board

A completely different approach to decorating space. It's always some potential for creativity. Buy a magnetic board, then periodically something on it to draw and write in the future. On the one hand, it is convenient, on the other hand it is advantageous for your interior. By the way, the drawing board is still very romantic, especially if you stop on the shape of a heart or a cloud.

Markers or chalk?

Reasonable question, considering that in our assortment there is also a board for the marker, and a board for chalk. This is a matter of taste and comfort, but we have prepared the main recommendations for you.

• The main advantage of the chalk is the relative cheapness and unique style of the drawings that are obtained with their help. Did you notice that in the most fashionable establishments and coffee houses there is just a chalkboard, where beautifully write small recipes or information about promotions?

• The advantage of markers is their multi-color. In addition, they will not bring any inconvenience to cleaning - even the best quality crayons are crumbled a little, which will never happen with markers. We offer a classic model - a white marker board - in different shapes and sizes.

• As an exclusive, we have in our assortment "Chat for a refrigerator" - a conceptual choice for those who want to communicate with the company. This purchase is suitable not only for the home, but also for the office.

Dear friends! Thematic collections in our online store, we want to show every visitor to the site that buying interesting, fashionable things for themselves and their homes - it's much easier than it seems. Believe me, you can see a stylish interior and actual design not only on TV, but also in your apartment.