Scratch poster "100 Affairs Food...
Scratch poster "100 Affairs Food...
Scratch poster "100 Affairs Food...
Scratch poster "100 Affairs Food...
Scratch poster "100 Affairs Food...
Scratch poster "100 Affairs Food...
Scratch poster "100 Affairs Food...
Scratch poster "100 Affairs Food...

Scratch poster "100 Affairs Food edition"

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Size: 60 x 15 cm.
Material: laminated paper.
Russian language.

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Package Contents:

  • designer tube
  • fridge magnets
  • bright stickers
  • task - call

#100 Affairs A food edition is a scratch-poster on a refrigerator with a hundred dishes, which motivates you to try and study the national cuisine of the world. Choose a category and a dish, then try, prepare or bring it from the trip and erase the scratch layer after the performance. With the poster, you will find out in which region larvae are eating, and where - tacos and pork rudders. You will expand knowledge in gastronomy and try all the most delicious and unusual that the person has thought up.
And also, prepare traditional dishes and bring delicacies from different parts of the world. Poster #100 Affairs Food edition will help you choose a new dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner and will fill the journey with a new meaning. Go to another country not only for the sake of places and culture, but for the sake of delicacies, which you need to try and bring.
Poster #100 Affairs Food edition does not fade with time, does not crumple like ordinary paper and is not afraid of moisture. Its design is universal and fits into any interior. The poster will be a useful gift for connoisseurs of national dishes and lovers of delicious food. Over time, #100 Affairs Food Edition turns into a vivid encyclopedia of dishes and delicacies. Try, cook and bring goodies. Stirai silvery scratch-layer, and the poster will become more colorful.
The poster is completed with a tube - this is a beautiful gift wrapping, and protecting the poster from moisture and damage. The design of the tube uses bright and attractive photos of spices, popular in various kitchens and dishes of the world. And on the tube you are waiting for a gastronomic challenge: turn the tube and find out what you will try for dinner today.
Advantages #100 Affairs Food edition:
✓ #100 Affairs Food edition - your guide to the national cuisine of the world. With it your breakfasts, lunches and dinners will become more diverse, and the journey will be filled with a new meaning.
✓ Learn national cuisine. Find out where they came up with a krovyanku, thali, onion soup and many other dishes. Extend knowledge in the kitchens of different peoples.
✓ Make the diet more diverse. In the scratch-poster #100 Affairs Food Edition for you are collected traditional and exotic dishes, desserts and delicacies from all over the world.
✓ Take a gastronomic challenge. With the poster #100 Affairs Food edition, you will have to try marble steak, black caviar, and larvae. Sometimes food is also a test. Will you pass him?
✓ Swap the skills of the cook. Prepare for yourself, for friends and family - the poster will motivate you to culinary creativity.
✓ Make travel more interesting. Now in the new countries you will have a task - to find delicacies. To bring a gastronomic souvenir is more interesting than a refrigerator magnet, right?
✓ Decorate the house or workspace. Designer poster stylishly complement the interior of home or office kitchen.

60 х 15 cm
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