Scratch Poster 100 BucketList of the Future Leader
Scratch Poster 100 BucketList of the Future Leader
Scratch Poster 100 BucketList of the...
Scratch Poster 100 BucketList of the...
Scratch Poster 100 BucketList of the...
Scratch Poster 100 BucketList of the...
Scratch Poster 100 BucketList of the...
Scratch Poster 100 BucketList of the...
Scratch Poster 100 BucketList of the...
Scratch Poster 100 BucketList of the...

Scratch Poster 100 BucketList of the Future Leader (in Ukrainian)

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Included with the poster you'll get:

  • designer tube;
  • a coin to remove the scratch layer;
  • Shild, which can be glued on gadgets or in a notebook;
  • the form "Mentoring agreement" (a contract with a mentor that will motivate you to complete assignments);
  • the form "10 steps to the dream," which tells you what to do to make the dream come true - detailed instructions for use.

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The size of the poster in the expanded form: 40 x 60 cm.
The size of the gift tube: 64 x 7 cm.
Instruction language: Ukrainian.
Material: laminated paper.

  • carry out tasks;
  • develop comprehensively;
  • inspire others;
  • achieve your goals.

#100 BucketList OF THE FUTURE LEADER is a motivational scratch scratch poster with a hundred tasks that will prompt how to achieve results, comprehensively develop and achieve the set goals. You will become a champion! Each task is a challenge that will make you do something that you have not done for sure. For example, to light a bonfire without matches, to participate in a press conference or a month to move only on a bicycle. Sport, science, hobbies, self-development and travel will help you become the best version of yourself. Choose a category, carry out the task, erase the scratch-layer and create your personal diary of achievements. This poster will turn your life into an exciting challenge. Go through all the trials, and become what you always dreamed of becoming. And it's also a unique gift for your friends and a stylish home decor.
# 100 BucketList OF THE FUTURE LEADER is a daily motivation that will help you become a champion and overcome any obstacles on the way to success, and:

  • Gives you confidence. Each new task is a real test for organization, endurance, wit and sociability. And after each completed task you will become stronger, better and more confident in yourself.
  • Will make a fascinating interlocutor. Just imagine how many unforgettable stories appear in your arsenal, after performing such different tasks. Your friends will probably want you to share your emotions and memories.
  • Will expand the horizon. In the poster assembled tasks that will help you develop comprehensively. What do you want to try today: create your own mobile application or for the first time ride a board?
  • Will help find a new hobby. Always dreamed of something to collect or learn how to professionally take pictures, or maybe you want to do camping? Believe me, all this will be possible.
  • Will add to life bright emotions. The leader is not only science, books and studies. These are exciting trips, unforgettable projects and meetings with inspirational people.
  • Teach you to achieve results. After the selected task, you can erase the scratch layer only when you execute it 100%. Believe me, you will be surprised by your abilities.
  • Improve knowledge in many subjects. Capitals of how many countries in the world do you know? And how many foreign languages ​​have you learned? This poster will help not only learn with pleasure, but also be proud of their results.
  • Inspires to dream. For a long time you dream of realizing your social project or going up to Hoverla, or maybe you want to become a famous writer and conquer the whole world? With the poster you will understand that every dream consists of several steps, after which you will achieve the desired.
  • Will challenge you. In the poster assembled tasks, which at first glance it is difficult to perform, but taking all the will into a fist you can do it.
  • Teach us to help others. After completing all the tasks, you will become a real professional, you will have your success stories and many will surely want to know them. Remember how difficult it was for you at the very beginning and help those who need support and motivation.

Poster # 100 BucketList OF THE FUTURE LEADER will decorate your room, because it looks great in any interior. Purple, blue and green colors create a bright accent in the room. Motivating instruction calls for action and change. Stirai silver scratch-layer and perform tasks. The poster will become more colorful, and your arsenal of achievements and cool stories will be replenished.
Tubus # 100 BucketList OF THE FUTURE LEADER fits nicely with the poster - it is just as bright and inspiring. And the tube is a stylish gift wrapping and protection for the poster from moisture and damage.

60 х 40 cm
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