Skretch height gauge "Space Adventures" (in Russian)
Skretch height gauge "Space Adventures" (in Russian)
Skretch height gauge "Space...
Skretch height gauge "Space...
Skretch height gauge "Space...
Skretch height gauge "Space...
Skretch height gauge "Space...
Skretch height gauge "Space...
Skretch height gauge "Space...
Skretch height gauge "Space...
Skretch height gauge "Space Adventures" (in Russian)
Skretch height gauge "Space...
Skretch height gauge "Space...
Skretch height gauge "Space...
Skretch height gauge "Space Adventures" (in Russian)

Skretch height gauge "Space Adventures" (in Russian)

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Size: The height gauge is designed for children from 60 to 150 cm in height.
Material: elastic plastic.
Russian language.
Packing: gift box.

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What is inside:
1. A set of colorful space figures for decorating a room: an astronaut, a rocket, planets, meteorites, stars, UFOs and much more.
2. Adhesive drops to fasten the figures and create a cosmic atmosphere in the children's room.
3. Stickers, on which it is convenient to record the dates of growth measurements.
4. The cognitive postcard about space to study the facts was easy and interesting.
Scratch - height gauge "Space Adventures" is a developing set for children that turns the usual growth measurements into a game. Mark your growth, erasing the scratch layer, fun and the kid, and parents. Every day, playing with space figures, the child will learn the planets and interesting facts about them. Such scratch-growth meter will be a wonderful decoration for children and an excellent gift for a small researcher of the universe.
Height gauge is a step-by-step history of growing up, which will help to save important moments of the child's childhood, as well as:

  • He will introduce astronomy. The height gauge is surrounded by the planets of the Solar System, stars, meteorites and other cosmic bodies. To make the facts about space interesting to study, you can do it in the form of a game, moving fragments around the growth meter throughout the children's room.
  • Add an unearthly style to the room. Height gauge will turn the child's corner of the baby into a real center of preparation for flying into open space.
  • Will develop the imagination of the baby. What is the appearance of aliens? What landscapes open on Uranus? Are there similar planets in the Milky Way? While science does not find answers to these questions, the growth meter will help the child develop his imagination and give his answers to these questions.
  • Helps the child to feel like an astronaut. Every child dreams of going to space and from there to see the Earth. With height gauge it is possible. How? Having installed a rocket on the launch pad, you can go on a real space trip!
  • Will make growing a holiday. Every new mark on the height gauge is a victory. This means that the space journey is on schedule. And such events should be celebrated and marked with at least an embrace.
  • Will be a cheerful gift for the child. Do you want to make the child an original surprise? Give him a cosmic journey. With a height gauge every day is a new unforgettable adventure. Where will this little cosmonaut go: to Saturn, to Mars, or to Venus?
  • Inspires to strive for new heights. Children always want to grow up quickly. How to do it? Doing sports and eating right - that's a simple formula for success.
  • Saves the most interesting stages of growing up. Measuring the growth in the doorway is the old cheekbone. Leave it in the past! After all, now there is a scratch-growth meter "Space Adventures", on which it is even more convenient to follow the growing up. Be sure to save the growth meter to remember the pleasant moments of childhood.
  • Will bring the parents and the baby together. What could be better than spending time with a baby and parents? Together to invent stories and reflect on how everything in space is arranged. Mark changes in growth and the whole family dream of flying to the moon.

Age restrictions recommendations: 3+
Scratch - height gauge "Space Adventures" is packed in a stylish box that protects the growth meter with its components from damage, and solves the issue of gift design. A box can also be used as a memory box. Just hide the filled growth meter in it, when the child grows up, and save the joyful moments of his growing up.

5 х 90 cm
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