Thermos, Thermal Mugs

Thermo cup - functional, compact and incredibly easy to use accessory that will allow you to keep the flavor, taste and optimum temperature of your favorite drink for some time.

Quality thermos cup - an indispensable gadget for people who, because of certain circumstances can not buy a drink. Accessories often use motorists, students, fishermen and hunters. Do not fall into any of these categories, but you need a thermos mug or just the usual thermos traditional model for yourself or for a gift? We recommend you familiarize yourself with commodity items proposed to your attention in our catalog.

Thermos for tea and not only

Thermo mug, as well as a traditional thermos, presented to your attention in our store, it keeps the temperature of the liquid product. In the production of utensils of these types are normally used, the following materials: stainless steel and plastic. Kolb of product reliably fixed in a plastic cup. Accessory staffed convenient screw cap with snap lock, there may be other variations of models with comfortable handles and thermoses with practical screw cap-glasses. Such construction contributes to the saving of the product placed in utensils and minimize the risks of liquid spillage, even when crockery is turned to a horizontal position.

Thermocup or thermos retains the original temperature of the product placed in the flask for a long time. This accessory will not take up much space in road backpack or standard bag. Using them is simple enough. To do this, you only need to open the lid and you can enjoy the taste of of your favorite drink.

Compact external thermo glass or standard the usual thermos quite roomy. Volume crockery, which you can purchase from us may be different, ranging from tiny samples, capacity 380 ml and ending with roomy instances of larger volume. Constructed from environmentally friendly soft-touch plastic casing products can be plain or decorated with original color prints on various subjects.

Thermos with a pattern - the perfect solution for aesthetes who are used to surround themselves with original things, not denying yourself the pleasure to enjoy the warming in the cold or hot refreshing summer drink.

Please note: to care for this cookware is easy, it can be washed in the dishwasher using a conventional household chemicals. Subject to the simple rules of care mug thermos or bigger instance for a long time will delight you with the original appearance, properly coping with their functional responsibilities.

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