Do you want to please your loved one and give unforgettable morning, which will begin with breakfast in bed? Wonderful idea! Breakfast is ready, but there is one thing ... needed a tray, table, a table on the pillow ... Something on what it would be convenient to bring food and nice to have breakfast. To buy a tray or table you do not need to go to the furniture store - you just need to find an online store where you can select, buy, and quickly get your order. We offer you a wide range of products of high quality.

Let us consider the tray on the pillows. In addition, this tray is conveniently located on the knees, it has personalized design on great wear- and thermo- resistant film. This tray can be used not only for breakfast, but also as a table for a laptop. You can order from existing drawings, only pick up the color of the frame, and also you can send us the photo you would like to see on a tray, and our manufacturers will produce an individual tray (the great thing that the price remains the same as that of the tray with the design shown on the site). Through this personalization, you can order a tray, not only for themselves but also as a gift to your friends, colleagues, relatives. We also offer you other trays - with legs and without, in various colors, shapes and completely different price.

In our online store you can easily order tray, pick it up from our office, the office of the courier service or order home delivery. Order you can pay in cash or by bank transfer. Enjoy your shopping!