Warmer Toys

A toy for a child is a whole world. It is playing, the child comprehensively develops, learns life, acquires the necessary experience. Some toys, growing up, we carry with us through time, and becoming adults, we do not want to part with them and decorate the interior with nice and functional gizmos.

The industry of the game industry is constantly evolving. You can buy toys of any theme and focus. An interesting finding in this area - it is a toy for the microwave heater. They look like the most usual beautiful toys - little animals or dolls, and in fact - it's a hot-water bottle in the case. These soft toys can become real friends for your children. They are designed to surround your child with comfort and warmth. Children will be happy to take them with them to bed or hug them in the cool evenings.

Submitted toys made from natural materials. They are absolutely safe and hypoallergenic. Warmer toys are filled with ecologically clean natural grains and lavender buds. These are real eco-toys, which are also presented in very nice variations: bears, dogs, bunnies - you are sure to find our favorite character for your child.

How to use them? Soft toys warmers are placed in the microwave for a few minutes, taken out, and you have in your hands are not ordinary plush toys, and sources of safe and dry heat. After all grain-fillers permanently retain the received heat and generously divide them for several hours. And the fragrance of lavender is able to give the child peace of mind and envelop the peace. This toy is ideal for sleeping - cozy, soft, relaxing.

We also took care of the smallest ones. Very good fit our warmers for newborns from colic in the tummy. At first, kids are tormented by this misfortune with depressing regularity. And with them, worry and do not sleep their caring mothers. You can buy a heating pad for a newborn and enjoy the peace of the night without worrying about your baby and his safety. If your child has a tummy tattoo, his sleep will be stronger, and you will feel more rested.

We advise you to buy a toy heating toy in our store. And, maybe, you will choose not one. Because it is possible such an option, when you yourself want to use such an attractive and pleasant hot-water bottle in the form of a toy.
Choose for yourself and your child only the best and buy from us toys warmers with lavender. Simplify your life, filling it with comfortable and beautiful things.