Warmer toy "Fox"
Warmer toy "Fox"
Warmer toy "Fox"
Warmer toy "Fox"

Warmer toy "Fox"

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A toy for a microwave oven "Fox" is a perfect gift not only for a child, but also for an adult!
Dimensions: 23 × 14 × 18 cm.

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Soft and fluffy, cunning and naughty Pup - the favorite of many kids! He is far from stupid! And he knows his own worth! He is charming, but at the same time cunning, he is sweet and capricious ...
That is why he has such an insightful look, and why he can “circle around a finger” so quickly, or rather around his little fluffy leg of children of any age.
In fact, foxes are nocturnal animals that live in burrows and are very afraid of people. But sometimes (very rarely), the small fluffy Foxes of a new breed lodge with a person and even love to “chat” with him, and they always have the answer to any question.
Here and our Pup is not afraid of people at all, and especially - kids! He plays with them all day, and sleeps with them, warming them with his warmth. In fact, they are simply “not spilled with water”!
And not only the children will like to communicate with this tomboy! But even moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers will get pleasure by warming their hands or feet, or by relieving pain with the help of the soft heat given by this fluffy miracle.
Just like the “human cub,” an adult simply does not want to part with this pleasant creature that smells like lavender and gives a feeling of peace, warmth and comfort ...
TM Warmies toys from Intelex are filled with selected organic grains and dried French lavender buds. Subtle aroma soothes and relaxes, envelops you with warmth and comfort, helps you fall asleep easily and serenely!
And if necessary, the heating pad can be used for its intended purpose - i.e. for medical purposes. Gentle and pleasant warmth will help to warm up a cold neck, nose, or warm up the back / neck / tummy ... Looking at a favorite cartoon, a simple chick will gently embrace his teddy friend and will not notice how he will recover! Indeed, in addition to warming the neck and bronchi, he will also receive an aromatherapy session.
Heat the Pup in a microwave for just 2 minutes, and she will give your baby warmth for almost 2 hours.
This toy is absolutely safe and harmless for children of any age (for kids - under the supervision of parents). Warm and pleasantly heavy (about 900 g), it is very similar to a real animal!
The convenient form allows using it as a small pillow, and the special structure of the fur has a dirt-repellent effect - i.e. dirt does not stick to the toy, and if so, it is easily cleaned with a dry brush.
And one more interesting point: if you are hot - just put the toy for a few minutes in the freezer to get a “cold toy”. Pleasant coolness will be very useful on a hot summer day.
* Before giving a heating toy to a baby, make sure that he is not allergic to lavender !! (rarely, but still occurs.
* Before use, carefully read the instructions (in Russian. Language) and follow all the recommendations of the manufacturer!
Complies with BS 8433: 2004 and EN71-1 / 2/3.
Size: 23 × 14 × 18 cm.

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